fredag 31 augusti 2012


Oh God, I just found a great way to listening to Electro & House music... It's the perfect music to train to!
At least I found my favorite today!

Now I just have to get it download somehow to my mp3 so I can you and take a long run! 

new from Enrique Iglesias

guess I always like Enriques music no matter what..

torsdag 30 augusti 2012

a little trip to Tammisaari

Silly me forgot to take a picture from the restaurant Santa Fé... But anyway, we went with Hanna & Mixu to our favorite food place today.. It was kinda of a surprise, it wasn't really planed but we started to remember that one time we went there and ate the best hamburger meal ever.. haha :D

Soon winter...

Cold morning. Have to use a wool pullover and socks.. Also watching my favorite movie. The expendables ;)

Btw! The computer did start today after me being experimental.. I have absolutely no idea what happened to the computer and what it did when I started it. Some updates that I never seen before? or something like that.. Should I maybe just get the Ipad..

Also I noticed that my pictures goes a little weird when I'm updating something on the blog with my phone. 

onsdag 29 augusti 2012

I've never watched this movie. So this is going to be todays plan.
Oh btw? Guess what really sucks?
I had my computer fixed for like two months ago and now it's broken, AGAIN!
I'm so going to smash it with a hammer soon and buy a new one. After all I have been using this computer 4 years now.. But still there is a part of me hoping that my brother can fix the problem somehow, mostly because well I'm going to miss my little old one.
Mom suggested that I should buy an Ipad. But nooo-o I want to be able to listening to loud music and watch movies with my computer.

New hair

Went blonder and shorter. Not the best picture but..  thanks to my lovely friend Sofie E <3

The Expendables 2

Awesomeness! You just have to see it.
Even if I'm not so much into action movies, I think that putting all these actionmans together in a film is the most brilliant idea ever!
God I think I have to see the first one today.. :):)

tisdag 28 augusti 2012

Forgot to tell you...

.. we're going with Hanna today to Iso Omena, a Finnish shopping mall to watch the new "The Expendables 2" movie and maybe buy some new nice clothes! :)

Coming home from the boat.

You know, I really tried to get some motivation to write something here yesterday.. But you see, when you have been like a life time on the boat, you slowly start to forget what ever happened there?

Anyways, I was working alone for 10days in the travel spa.. Which is rough! There was always something that didn't work..

I was also doing a little shopping during these days. As usually..

had to put a picture of me. So you can see I really need to color my hair and update it.

My favorite brand of nailpolish, ESSIE. 

Had to buy these, mostly because I forgot my own at home..

Had to buy more of my favorite "magic" butter

2 new earphones! One for training and the other one for listening to sweet music.

A cute jacket from Gina Tricot..

I forgot my training clothes so I had to go buy some new ones. Love that H&M has a sporting collection!

had to buy new outdoor training shoes also.

And because, these didn't cost anything I decided to buy a lot of bikinies for next year.

onsdag 15 augusti 2012

bodycombat here I come!

Had my dear friend Sara visiting me. As usual we were talking some pretty meaningless crap and about everything in the world. Been a while since I saw that girl.. We also spend many hours watching Dr House and ate a lot of chips. haha, it was great! (ps. pic later..)

Now as you can see I'm going to hit the gym for some Body Combat. C ya later!

söndag 12 augusti 2012

lake house

Oh boy. So I can tell you a little bit what happened on Saturday. We were supposed to go to a little bar here in Inkoo called Tigris with my friends, but suddenly we went to Sams lake house. We had a little barbeque and the boys went to the Sauna.
It was extremely dark and everyone tried to scare me all the time. And that really makes me realize that it's Autumn already.. I think we went to sleep around 6 o'clock beside Ludde.. He just screamed every hour trying to wake us up.

So this Sunday I'm just going to hit the gym on Bike 30min and Kettleball 60min. 

fredag 10 augusti 2012

my lovely breakfast.

This is my breakfast. Mm-mm.. Cereals with high fibre, berries directly picked from the backyard and natural yoghurt. This is what they call "perfecto"

torsdag 9 augusti 2012

Anyway, as you may already now I'm alone home now until Saturday. SoI decided to clean the whole house. I know, silly me. But that's what I do when I get bored and when I got nothing to do I get paranoid.

 Went on 30 min Kettlebell, 30 min CxWorx and also decided to try 60 min Piloxing. Piloxing was fun, but I guess I was a little bit to burned out already.
But now I'm so exhausted so I'm going to try to get some sleep. Nighty nighty!

PS. click on the links to see what I mean.

onsdag 8 augusti 2012

this is going to make some stuff a little bit easier!

Just went to the post office after my BodyCombat clas to get this one! Now I can make a lot of cocktails without any trouble. I know this isn't such a big thing for most of the people but, it makes me a little bit happy  :) :) 

There's something about Andrew...

I just have to share this with you guys... I just saw the latest "The amazing spiderman" movie, and it was great, even better than the old spiderman movies. During this film I also realized that there's a real eye candy. I don't know if I ever seen him before but, I decided to find out about him a little bit for you guys! Unfortunately he already got a girlfriend..

Name: Andrew Garfield
Born: 20 August 1983,  dual American and British citizenship
Carrier: Started acting when he was 16 years old.
Some works: Sugar Rush(2005), Doctor Who(2005), The Social Network(2010), The Amazing Spiderman(2012)

Look for more information on Andrew Garfield

Oh, and here's also the trailer for The amazing spiderman, enjoy!

must see!

This one is absolutely one must see movie. I doesn't really have much of them but.
In this case, it's "The Expendables 2" I'm talking about. And why?- well just look at the actors!
I loved the first one so I expect this one will be as good as the first one. :)

tisdag 7 augusti 2012

protein drink

Just came home from an other gym class. And Tesse gave me an advice to start drink some protein drink to build up the muscles from the training. So we went by the grocery store and get some. I must say, it wasn't really my taste... EVEN if it was chocolate, it was to sweet for me.

I also went and get me some new training clothes!
two over sized tops and here's one of them.

Tomorrow I'm not going to the gym. Instead I'm going to the military to meet up with an old friend.

more mail!

It came with the mail today! More more Au Pair papers about the USA and about "green card" which I have to get before going there.. And a lot of other things of course. ^^
I'm really concern about this whole thing also, I mean. Not being able to see my old friends on  a whole year. Concern about that I'm going to be so lost when I get to my host family. Not knowing anything about the town, where the grocery store is, the children school. But I also know that this may be the best year in my whole life.
There's only one answer I'm waiting from that can decide, If I'm going or if I'm not going.

Also I have to make a phone call to Viking Lines office today. It would be nice to get to work there before leaving Finland.

måndag 6 augusti 2012

The hot tube party and a massive hangover

I've had a really fun Saturday! It was a evening with full of surprises, such as our own Olympic and the perfect bbQ-Party. It was also SO EPIC, because everyone got split up in the end of the evening, I was waking up at Theo's house with Antonia and Ella but Hanna and Niki were somewhere in Kyrkslätt. God only knows were the rest of the gang went! 

Unfortunately that perfect party also gave me a massive hangover. So I had to skip my gym classes yesterday.. huoh..

Anyway, here's some pictures from the hot tube party.

The winners of the Olympic!

Our team waiting to get to jump in the bag.

It's called "norska fyllan" 

One happy eating cupcakes Hanna!
Everyone's really excited over our olympic

Weelbarrow competition!

And a picture from the hot tube!

fredag 3 augusti 2012

Another Friday

Today I've been visiting my friend Tesse and I also went to the cofféehouse with Hanna & Felle catching up the news.

Actually, when I haven't really got anything else done today so I started to write my "Things to do before I die"-list. Funny right? - but I thought it might be good to start with it already because you never know when I get to stroke something from the list.
When I already had put this picture in here I recognized that there is somethings missing.. Such as see Peach Pit in Beverly Hills.. Go to Universal Studios!

torsdag 2 augusti 2012

more training!

First of all..Look what came with the mail today! My own personal English wordbook. Other than getting that today I went to two gym classes with my friend Tesse today. One of the classes was the CxWorx 

First it felt a little bit weird but after all it is rough! But I'm glad it only takes 30minutes! And guess what? It supposed to be a fast way to get in shape! Here's another clip so you get to see what CxWorx is all about.

Till att börja med. Titta vad jag hämtade med posten idag! Min första egna engelska ordbok. Annat än att fått sådan idag har jag även gått på två gymlektioner idag med min väninna Tesse. En av lektionerna var CxWorx. I början kändes de rätt så fånigt men måste nog säga att det var en råtuff lektion! Tack och lov räcker den bara 30minuter! Och vet ni vad? De sägs vara ett snabbt sätt att bli i form ;) Här har ni också ett annat videoclip från LesMills så ni får se vad det handlar om.

I'm so excited!

Okay okay. I have made I promise to myself. Because my Au Pair application is FINALLY 100% ready, I decided to also start writing my blog in English, so that almost everyone can understand!
Now I'm really excited over which kinda family's their going to find. Happyhappyhappy!


Okej Okej. Jag har gjort ett löfte till mig själv. Eftersom min Au Pair ansökan är äntligen 100% färdig har jag bestämt mig för att också börja skriva min blog på engelska, så att alla skall förstå.
Nu är det jätte spännande hurdan familj de kommer att hitta åt mig. JAG ÄR SÅ GLAD!

onsdag 1 augusti 2012

första bodycombaten

Blivit duktig och börjat motionera. Eller rättare sakt skaffat mig ett gymkort.
Också idag var jag även på min första Body Combat träning. Jag måste säga att den kändes faktiskt rejält! Men jag gillade den ändå fast det kändes som om mitt hjärta tänkte stanna i slutet och tränaren stod och skrek på en helatiden, men hon var duktig!

Till er som inte vet vad det är kan ni klicka på linken jag lade eller också ta en titt på detta videoklipp från Youtube så får ni en större uppfattning om vad det går ut på. 

I finally decided to get me a gym card! I have also attended my first Body Combat training today and I have to say, it's kinda tough. But I liked it even if it felt like my heart was going to stop any minute in the end and the trainer stood there and yelled at you all the time, but she's great!

And to you that doesn't have a clue what Body Combat is, I've put a little video from Youtube up here!

Bruce Springsteen

Ja, för er som inte visste det hade Springsteen koncert i Helsingfors, Finland igår. Och jag ville faktiskt så gääärna se honom! men det blev helt enkelt inte av.. Satt länge och tvekade på priset över biljetten och nu får jag faktiskt ta och skämmas smått över det.

Iltasanomat beskriver koncerten som rekordlångt! oo-oooh, jag skulle ha viljat varit där..