söndag 7 oktober 2012

after rain comes sun, even in Finland!

I'm back from my little job trip with a new jacket,a cozy wool pullover and a black skirt richer.  
The moment I walked in to the H&M store I felt in love with Lana Del Rey's collection. I even like her music! Her styles remember me of the old Hollywood, the mystic show music and the clothes are pure, sweet , feminim and gorgeous! 

Friday was a little bit quiet but the Saturday was so full booked! Even took a picture from the Swedish newspaper- aftonbladet. (love to read it every morning) The headline was about a new service they come up with in Sweden; getting booze and liqueur drove home to your house from the store. I thought it was hilarious and maybe a little bit unnecessery. Are people really that lazy to get their own booze nowadays?

It was also so beautiful sky this weekend in Sweden and NOTICE-FINLAND! 
I don't know I many times I just stared out of the window during sunrising and downrising. But the truth is - If the sun is shining then I am shining! :)

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