tisdag 2 oktober 2012

sleeping beauty!

me waking up with my heated underblanket
 I woke up as the happiest person on this earth today! I bought myself a heated underblanket to my bed! You see, in Finland we have very cold weather almost all the time.. And especially my room, it becomes a freaking igloo after summer!
You see, I have a tendency to freeze a lot so sometimes I even wake up in the night because of that. And I'm already sleeping with a sheet and a blanket. I even have to sleep with double sheets and blankets in wintertime..
I slept like a baby! love it.

sorry for the messy hair pictures!
And so the schooltraining continued and it feels already so much better! Maybe because we got to do some treatments? ;)  Anyhow, I'm NOT complaining!

One of my c:o worker also made me the "herringbone" today, thihi (I know, I got so short hair nowadays..) and tomorrow she promised to show me how to do a french plait or braid, not sure what is it called on English?

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