söndag 14 oktober 2012

Have to decide between two dreams!

Saturday started just fine, I woke up, contacted Cessi to come out for a run. 
We tried to search for their missing cat Kalle. But we couldn't find him :( 
Also we decided to take a look at the new "sportpark" in Inkoo. I'm glad they spent money on this actually!

Later I noticed that the chief for the hotel had left me an e-mail that she's been trying to contact me but didn't reach me and if I could call her when I saw the mail. Tried to call her but she didn't answer. A couple hours later she rang back and ask if I was still interested about the job at the new ferry boat M/S Grace, Viking Line. I was so shocked, for a few weeks I got an e-mail where it stood that they couldn't offer me the job I applied this time..

Now I got a week on me to decide if I'm going to take this job.. I mean this is a HUGE opportunity. This was my dream workplace. To work as a beautician and on a wonderful, dreamy ferry boat.

But the dream crashed a bit when I received the mail about me not getting the job and I started to dream more and plan my year in the USA working as an Au Pair with children...

The chief said that they looking forward to get me to their team and that there have been people recommending me from the course at Långvik and from the boat were I am now working. They've tried to reach me for weeks but couldn't get any answer so the chief sent we and e-mail to see if I'm okay.

I think that they even got the wrong phone number? Because I got a new phone and number but I still have my old one but I haven't received any phone calls at all?
I been thinking a lot about this now since yesterday. I was so happy but still so unsure.. But we decided to celebrate the great news anyway with Cessi! First we went to Restaurant Sågen and ate juicy Salmon. And later, we ended up sitting drinking two glas of longdrinks with familiar friends at our home bar.

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