fredag 12 oktober 2012

Friday IKEA.

There is so many times I've asked myself "Why doesn't I live in Sweden?" I mean, they got everything there. One shop really close to my heart is the IKEA. I always buys so much things that I don't really need from there. And why? maybe because there's so much good prices!

So the Friday started really quiet, Tesse called me on the morning and asked "what are our plans today?" well, we came up with the brilliant idea to go shopping, I was really going to buy myself more training clothes and Tesse was really just needing a iron to make waffles. But surprisingly we both didn't come home with these things. Just many other stuff..

When we we're on our way to Iso-Omena (Finnish shopping mall) we decided to also go to IKEA. We saw many Christmas lights so guess what we did later that evening?- we drank GLOGG with Hanna & Niki who also came to visit us home at Tesses.

And good folks. I discovered the lovely, sweetest and..oh what can I say? -I became a huge fan of frozen yogurt.

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