måndag 1 oktober 2012

School training at Långvik Congress Wellness hotel

So today was the first training day at Långvik. The day started really good, I picked up one of my c:o workers from the railing station and we went to the hotel.
It was kinda blurry, we didn't exactly know we're to go and the receptionist was busy talking on the phone. But after a while the headmaster of the hotel came to meet us in the lecture hall.
We came in to a beautiful auditorium with a wonderful relaxing spirit. Some candles and mood lights. And an enormous tv screen! It reminded me of a cinema...

Got a bunch of papers and went almost the whole
day true everything! I must be honest, in the end I was so tired of just sitting and listening. Really hoping that we'll get to do some practical training tomorrow!

Anyways, here's some pictures from the hotel! (..I will put more pictures later)

Anyway, now I'm going to drink tea, take a shower and then watch some tv and go to sleep!
C ya!

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